Mood indigo (edit 4)

In a quiet place
where lake slides over shore
and shore reaches into lake,
storms beat grass
into water-hyacinth.
Clouds watch, then leave,
as mayflies dance
in light’s transparence.

In a shadowed place
where you slip over me
and I reach up for you,
tides beat time
into love and death.
We hold, then break,
then rest
in summer-sweated sleep.

© Heather Quinn 1 Aug 2007 (edited 4 June 2011) all rights reserved

for the abstracts that need replacing, think on:

  • tide: ebb, surge, recur, flow, turbulence, erosion
  • time: period, influence, pressure, change, experience
  • love: passion, duty, desire, procreation, commitment, allegiance, dedication, agape, ardor, regard, affection, admiration
  • death: end, destruction
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